Updated Covid procedures for our Church services


As we (hopefully) continue to emerge from the worst effects of Covid we are removing the majority of restrictions relating to attendance at church services at St Mary's.

All benches in the church will be open, with no requirement for social distancing within the benches, although the kneelers will remain out of use to prevent close contact between the rows of benches. Consequently there is now no restriction on the number of attendees at any Service in the church. Hand sanitisers will still be available at the church entrance.


The wearing of face coverings is strongly recommended. but is not mandatory. Please note that this means that, whether you choose to wear a mask or not, you will be likely to be near someone doing the opposite, and your forbearance of the individual's choice will be most appreciated.

All other aspects of our church services will return to "normal" (eg hymns, Mass books, Hymn books, sign of peace (by gesture, not touching)) although Holy Communion will remain under one kind only (the Sacred Host).