Coronavirus Contact Tracing
Pre-Registration for Mass Attendance
We are required to keep contact details for everyone attending Church for 21 days.
You may provide your Contact Details (Name and contact telephone number) on arrival at Church but, alternatively, you can pre-register the possibility of attending Mass by completing the details below - on arrival at the church you will identify yourself and your attendance will be recorded by the volunteer steward. This approach should significantly speed-up access to the church service. Note that everyone attending Mass must be registered/recorded individually. You may, of course, register someone else (ie on their behalf) if they cannot access this page.  Entries made before Saturday will normally be included in the register for that weekend's Masses.
The Coronavirus pandemic  has shown that we have not been in the best position to communicate with you - our parishioners - as we have not historically maintained a list of parishioners. To try to improve this for the future (and now!!) you are invited to provide your postal address and email address below so that we can keep you better informed in future - please provide this information below if you wish to be on this list for future communication. Note that, whilst every Mass attendee must provide their contact telephone number, only one person per household need provide their address details! 
Please press the "Submit" button to complete your input.

St Mary's Euxton