Welcome to the home page of the of St Mary's, Euxton in the Leyland Pastoral Area of the Archdiocese of Liverpool


 Parish Priest:  Fr Gerry McCusker  

Contact us at:

St Mary's Catholic Church, Wigan Road, Euxton, PR7 6JW

Tel 01257 262665


Email    stmary.euxton@rcaol.org.uk       

From the First Sunday of Advent (28th November) the Sunday Mass times will be 08:30 and 10:00. There will no longer be a Mass on Saturday afternoon.

Our normal weekday Masses have also been reinstated.. 

09.30 on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday and

19.00 on Friday 

Our Masses at Christmas will be as follows:

Thursday 23 December 4.30pm

Friday 24 December 10.30am and 4.30pm

Saturday 25 December 10.00am

Sunday 26 December 10.00am (Feast of the Holy Family)

Some Covid-19 restrictions will remain in force for these Masses which (among other things) means that there will be a maximum attendance of 80 people at each Mass. In order to manage Mass attendance, the Christmas Eve 4.30 Mass and the Christmas Day Mass will be “ticketed”.  


Tickets for these Masses will be available as follows:

Tickets will be available in Church after the Sunday Masses in Advent, and Mass attendees will be able to collect the tickets they require. Parishioners are asked to take tickets ONLY for the Mass(es) they plan to attend – if you take tickets “just in case” then you will be preventing someone else from attending. You may collect tickets on behalf of someone else, but please make sure that no-one else is also collecting for that person.

We know that many families might wish to attend Masses at Christmas whilst being unable to attend the normal Masses in Advent to enable them to collect tickets – in this case tickets will be distributed via the school. Parents thus affected may apply for tickets by sending an email to the Parish (stmary.euxton@rcaol.org.uk) with the subject title “Christmas Mass Tickets”, identifying the Mass for which tickets are required, giving the number of tickets required and the name and Class Year of your child. Tickets will be allocated after the Mass on 12th December and will be distributed via the school during the following week – an email will be sent confirming that tickets have been allocated. 

The Coronavirus pandemic  has shown that we have not been in the best position to communicate with you - our parishioners - as we have not historically maintained a list of parishioners. To try to improve this for the future (and now!!) you are invited to provide your postal address and email address if you wish to be on this list for future communication. To do this, please enter your contact details by following THIS LINK.   



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 St Mary's Parish? 

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