Welcome to the home page of the of St Mary's, Euxton in the Leyland Pastoral Area of the Archdiocese of Liverpool

 Parish Priest:  Fr Gerry McCusker  

Contact us at:

St Mary's Catholic Church, Wigan Road, Euxton, PR7 6JW

Tel 01257 262665


Email    stmary.euxton@rcaol.org.uk       

Our church re-opened for the celebration of Mass on August 1st. Future Masses will be on Saturday at 4.30pm and on Sunday at 8.30am. 

Full details of the requirements associated with the church opening are to be found HERE.

PLEASE NOTE that, in line with the requirements of the NHS Track & Trace app, QR codes are now displayed at the back of church - if you have downloaded the app to your mobile you may use the QR code as an alternative to recording your attendance at Mass on the "paper" register.


Note that the "volunteer stewards” will need to undertake some checks and preparations prior to the church being opened for each Mass - accordingly you are advised not to turn up more than 20 minutes before the scheduled Mass time.

The Coronavirus pandemic  has shown that we have not been in the best position to communicate with you - our parishioners - as we have not historically maintained a list of parishioners. To try to improve this for the future (and now!!) you are invited to provide your postal address and email address if you wish to be on this list for future communication. To do this, please enter your contact details by following THIS LINK.   



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Do you live within the boundaries of

 St Mary's Parish? 

This will be important for the administering of certain Sacraments (eg Baptism) and for determining the Catholic School your children might attend.

Follow this link to find out!

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St Mary's Euxton